Protection of properties

You own a house and garden. You have worked hard for many a thing. We protect your goods and chattel for 12 or of course 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.
The number of criminal offenses related to burglaries and robberies has risen constantly in the past. Many times, great damage is caused by this, no matter if it’s at a company or a private household.
Our security staff is especially trained and equipped for the protection of private plots and homes, commercial building sites, warehouses, company grounds and malls, as well as public buildings.
A walkie-talkie and a firearm are of course part of the basic equipment of our security personnel.

Protection of individuals

You fulfill an extraordinary position in our society and require an accordingly special security? Then put your trust in our personal bodyguards!
After the 4 week-long basic training to become a security guard, only the most reliable ones are trained further to become bodyguards.
The continued education is performed in Santo Domingo by a noted bodyguard school.
We will gladly put representative vehicles, 24 hours a day, along with personnel at your disposal. Aside from the protection of individuals, the safeguarding of the plot and the protection of objects as well as the use of security technology is often recommended.

Keep this in mind at all times:

In case of doubt, you do not have a second chance here!